Tuesday, 1 May 2012


"So we know what the product is about, but who will be working on this project?"

Brendan Davey,
Project Manager

Brendan has worked in the IT space for 17 years, having experience in IT service delivery, IT administration and management as well as software development in both the private and public sector. Brendan is currently involved in delivering projects funded via ANDS and NeCTAR and is the software development manager for TPAC.

Scott Condie,
Lead Software Engineer (CSIRO)

Scott Condie leads a research group that specialises in ecosystem modelling and integrated marine management. His research interests include modelling physical-ecological interactions in marine and coastal environments and development of decision support tools. Scott has been extensively involved with the development of CONNIE2.

Mark Hepburn,
Software Engineer (CSIRO)

Mark is a generalist software engineer who has worked in the CSIRO for 5 years.  He has been involved in robust data delivery and processing frameworks, bioinformatics, model coupling, visualisation, and tool development.  Most recently he has developed a number of rich web applications for visualising complex scientific information in an intuitive and explorable manner.  He holds a Bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science, both from the University of Tasmania.

Ming Fu,
Software Engineer (TPAC)

Ming Fu holds a Bachelor and Master degree in Computing, and has worked in web-based application development for over 5 years. He has developed more than 10 commercially deployed web applications with experience ranges through online gaming, financial services, human resource management, education and tourism. He has web development experience from both front-end and back-end using various web technologies. Technologies familiar with are Java, html, css, javascript, jpa, hibernate, jquery, struts2, spring, mysql, postgresql, ant, maven and tomcat.

Since 2010, he has been employed as a software engineer at the Australian Research Collaboration Service and Tasmanian Partnership for Advanced Computing, working on various web application projects in e-research area and has been involved in several ANDS funded projects. He has a strong interest in software development and is keen to provide software solutions in e-research area.

In his spare time, he enjoys learning new technologies and writing software for fun.