Sunday, 20 May 2012


What are we building?

The main outputs from the MARVLIS project will be:
  • A Library of software routines to compute products from underlying observations and model outputs, as standalone software and as a library integrated into MARVL 
  • Products developed will be tailored to support the management and assessment in the marine environment of a) public health (beach safety and shellfish toxicity) and b) ecosystem health (long-term environmental assessment and consequences of aquaculture management options. 
All software will be documented, and the following documentation will be provided:
  • Descriptions of routines
  • In-line documentation
  • A sample test case
Support? Training?

MARVLIS will have continuous involvement from the Environmental Protection Agency to fine tune products, with the ongoing support from IMOS / CSIRO to ensure that the software evolves and becomes more effective and fit for purpose.

Information about MARVLIS will be disseminated at events to aquaculture operators in the region; and we will be strongly pushing to promote MARVLIS at major conferences locally, nationally and internationally.

Re-use into the future?

Since the foundation of MARVLIS will be a software library built to enhance the MARVL software it will be supported well into at least 2014. The software will be built as a library using standards widely used in the marine and modelling space, so we also expect that the library would also be very transportable for other uses.

How are we going to involve the RDA discovery service?

As well as the software we will also be describing the data and processes in the RDA discovery service. This will also this information to be discoverable, including all the input datasets, the software process, and the derived output datasets.